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Go With The Flow: Journey to Radiant Vitality

Chi (life force) flows in a relaxed body.  We are often in a constant state of moderate tension which restricts the flow of chi throughout our bodies. Also, many sports, including weight lifting limit our range of motion and tighten our bodies.  This tightness may lead to pain.

Jennifer Ann integrates the relevant approaches based on need and interest.  These forms provides the hard (fitness, posture, body tone) and the soft (flowing, spiritual) approaches to people who want both in their health routine.

Learn and practice active relaxation of your body and feel the chi flow.

Jennifer Ann is also a certified as a Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader by The Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi.


EZ Street-Survival and Fitness

Defend yourself from a standing or sitting position, or on the ground with techniques that access your core strength.  Many martial arts techniques are remodeled specifically for this purpose.  Build an unbeatable core!  Identify "best practices" for safe social interactions. Great for college students! Adapted for all abilities.



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